No Collateral Bail Bonds in Southern California

Bail Bonds While many bail bond companies require collateral to issue a bail bond, Fresh Start Bail Bonds is able to provide no collateral bail bonds.  That’s right, no collateral needed!  At Fresh Start, you are able to keep your car, home and cash, and still get the bail bond you need.

How do we do it?

Many people wonder how Fresh Start can issue no collateral bail bonds when many other bail bond companies require collateral.  Before we post bail, Fresh Start teams up with the indemnitor, and walks them through the process of obtaining a bail bond.  This includes:

  • Filling out a comprehensive Bail Bond Agreement form with information, such as your specific charge, where you are being held, your bail amount, court date, and booking status.
  • We also will ask for information regarding the indemnitor, or person who is actually signing for the bond.  This information will include details on current employment, address, phone number, as well as other vital details.
  • It is the indemnitor’s responsibility as signer of the bail bond to come up with the bail amount should the defendant skip their trial date.

Our professional team at Fresh Start will help you with each step of the process.  Before you know it, you’ll have the bail bond you need to get out of jail.  Our no collateral bail bonds may be your best option to getting out of jail quickly.

Payment Options

At Fresh Start Bail Bonds, we understand paying for a bail bond may be hard.  That is why we offer different payment options to fit your budget.  We take credit cards and have financing options upon approval.  Ask us today how we can make paying for your bail bond easy and convenient, all while keeping your possessions.

Our Other Services

  • Bail Bonds Process:  We’ll partner with you on your journey through the legal system.  Our team will be there by your side to answer your questions and remind you of any hearings you may have.
  • Bail Bonds Costs:  For those who qualify, we offer easy financing options when it comes to paying for your bail bond.  Not only do we accept all major credit cards, but we will work with you on payment plans as well.  Just ask us for all of your available options.
  • California Courts/California Jails:  We have strong business connections with the courts and jails of Southern California.

Call Fresh Start and Get Started!

Don’t wait to call Fresh Start Bail Bonds.  Let’s get started on your bail bond and getting you out of jail.  Contact our professional team of experts to find out more information on our no collateral bail bonds, as well as our other services. Fresh Start is proud to serve all of Southern California. Contact us today at 888-588-5001.