Help Available From Bail Bondsman In Beverly Hills

If you have ever found yourself under arrest or had a loved one or friend in such circumstances, you know it is a stressful and unnerving experience. Judges in the U.S. have the authority to set bail amounts for individuals under arrest so that they can await their day in court outside of a jail cell. The bail the person is required to pay in exchange for his or her freedom can be anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For this reason, people in this situation usually seek help from the most reputable bail bondsman Beverly Hills can provide.
Understanding a Bail Bond Agent’s Role

A bondsman is a company or individual acting as a surety. Money or property from the bondsman is pledged as collateral that the incarcerated person will appear in court at the designated time. Although insurance companies and banks sometimes offer bail funds in the form of personal loans, they are usually very reluctant to do so, as it is not a traditional loan. However, due to the nature of their business, bondsmen will not shy away from providing services to criminal defendants.

To acquire a bail bond, the defendant must have a relative or friend willing to visit the bondsman’s office and pay the appropriate fees to obtain the bond. This is also referred to as cosigning. The bond company determines the fees for the bail, but as a general rule, they typically run approximately ten percent of the judge’s set bail amount. In certain cases, the amount may be higher or lower, depending on the defendant’s individual circumstances. The fee to acquire the bond is nonrefundable, regardless of the defendant’s fate when he or she appears in court.

Not all individuals seek the services of a bail bondsman in the unfortunate event of an arrest and subsequent incarceration. The defendant may make arrangements independently for the required amount of money. However, in most cases, the help of the best bail bondsman Beverly Hills has to offer will simplify and expedite one’s release from jail and allow the person to concentrate on important matters such as preparing for court. For this reason, anyone who is incarcerated should consider seeking bail bond services.