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Bail Bond Company in Whittier, CAAt Fresh Start Bail Bonds, our goal is to help you through a difficult time. Nobody wants to get a phone call where they learn their family member, friend, or loved one is in jail, and trying to navigate the criminal justice system to get them out can be a demanding and stressful situation. When you are looking for a trusted bail bonds company in Whittier, CA we can help.

U.S. laws give most defendants the right to post bail and get out of jail, and the U.S. Constitution guarantees bail cannot be excessive, but in many cases the amount that is set for bail is more that people have available in cash to pay. That is where the Whittier bail bondsman at Fresh Start Bail Bonds comes in, helping you get the cash you need quickly so you can get your friend or family member out of jail and back home sooner.

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Bailing Someone Out of Jail in Whittier, CA

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There are a lot of bail companies out there, and even though bail is a strictly regulated industry, there are some who try to operate outside the laws. Working with these unscrupulous bail companies can put you and the defendant at risk of losing your money, or worse, losing his or her freedom by being sent back to jail without just cause. Fresh Start Bail Bonds is licensed to provide bail in the state of California, and is your trusted partner throughout the bail process in Whittier, CA.

We understand you don’t want to spend any more time in jail than you have to, which is why we focus on getting your bail processed quickly and getting you back home as soon as possible. We have the right capabilities, and the right contacts, to ensure your bail is not holding up the process and leaving you incarcerated longer than necessary.

If your friend or family member is arrested in Whittier, CA, contact Fresh Start Bail Bonds today at 888-588-5001 to learn about the options for bailing them out of jail right away. Our Whittier bail bondsman is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.