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Bail Bonds Company San DimasIn the wake of an arrest, knowing what to do first can be confusing. Fortunately, when you call Fresh Start Bail Bonds in San Dimas, CA, you can count on experience and immediate service. We not only help you secure the release of your loved one, but we also help you understand important information about all of the following:

Fresh Start Bail Bonds will get fast results without leaving you out of the process. When you call us after an arrest, you can speak immediately with an experienced bail bondsman in San Dimas who can help you weigh your options.

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The San Dimas Police Department services a wide range of communities, including Azusa, Covina, Claremont, Pomona, Glendora, and La Verne.  Fortunately, Fresh Start Bail Bonds offers services all around southern California. Regardless of where you are from or where the arrest occurred, we are the San Dimas bail bonds company that can help you solve this problem.

Many people don’t know what to expect after an arrest.  In the case of more minor incidents, bail may be posted quickly, but a bail hearing is needed for more severe crimes.  This hearing typically takes place within 48 hours of arrest.

To search for the status of someone who has been arrested more than two hours ago, you can call 213-473-6100 or check the Inmate Information Center website. You can also call the San Dimas Station directly at 909-450-2700 and speak with the jailer.

Once bail has been set, you can call us to speak with an experienced bail bondsman in San Dimas. We can determine whether you are eligible for a no collateral bond and give you a fair evaluation of the bail bond cost.

Remember choosing the right San Dimas bail bonds company makes all the difference when it comes to speed and convenience.  When you work with Fresh Start Bail Bonds, we always explain your options and expedite the process.  Call us today at 888-588-5001 to learn more or to get quick help securing a bail bond in San Dimas.