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Bail Bonds Company in Redondo Beach, CAIf one of your loved ones has been arrested in Redondo Beach, getting him or her out of jail quickly is going to be a top priority.  When you need fast and expert help, Fresh Start Bail Bonds is the bail bonds company in Redondo Beach to call first.  We can expedite the process to bring your loved one home so you can start figuring out what to do next.

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Phone: 310-317-1366

According to the Redondo Beach Police Department, the most common crimes leading to arrest in Redondo Beach in 2013 were:

  • Larceny
  • Burglary
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Assault
  • Robbery

Bail amounts can be significantly high for people arrested and accused of any of these crimes, particularly assault and high-value theft.  For more severe crimes, which are statistically rare but still occur, bail can be prohibitively high.  This is where Fresh Start Bail Bonds can help you.

In any crime, it is critical the accused has a chance to regroup and speak with a lawyer outside of the jail setting.  If a loved one has been arrested, it is critical you get help from an experienced Redondo Beach bail bondsman who can make the bail bonds process simple.

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