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Bail Bonds Company in Pico Rivera, CANo one can ever be completely prepared for an arrest. Yet people should still understand what their options are if it ever happens to them. Having an idea of what to expect and how to react could be the difference between a favorable outcome to your case or spending unnecessary time in jail.

We at Fresh Start Bail Bonds are here to help in this process. As the top bail bonds company in Pico Rivera, CA, we’ve helped countless others remove from jail after a cease and get the head start they needed to prepare for their cases. A Pico Rivera bail bondsman is ready to provide the same assistance to you. You’ll be amazed at our lightening fast turnaround times in getting your bail paid and processed and getting you back home. Your quick release from jail is our #1 priority.

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You have a number of options you can choose from to pay your bail after it has been set at your arraignment. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and understanding those is the key to making the right decision regarding your release.

  • Pay it yourself: If you’re able to come up with the full amount of the bail on your own, that saves you from having to pay the fee for a Pico Rivera bail bondsman. However, that can greatly reduce the funds you have available to you in preparing your defense.
  • Offer up collateral to a bail bondsman: Depending on the nature of your case, a bail bonds company may be limited in the number of bail options they can offer you. Yet even if you’ve had multiple arrests in your past, you may still secure bail through a bond agent by offering to pay their fee or presenting them other collateral up front.
  • Get a No Collateral Bail Bond from Fresh Start: For those who qualify, a no collateral bail bond is often the best option. All we need is your word that you’ll appear for any follow-up hearings, as well as a plan in place to repay your fee with us, and we’ll provide you with your bail money.

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