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Bail Bonds Company in Pasadena, CABeing arrested is never a pleasant experience. Part of that is no doubt due to the fact an arrest is just the beginning of one’s long journey through the criminal justice system. And if you plan on challenging your arrest and avoiding a criminal conviction, you can’t simply sit back and let the process play out; you have to be an active participant in planning your defense.

That can be difficult to do from jail. After your arrest, you’re typically given the chance to go home once bail is set at you arraignment. The trouble is many can’t afford the bail amount once it’s been determined. That’s where we at Fresh Start Bail Bonds come in. As the best bail bonds company in Pasadena, CA, we can get your bail posted and get you home faster than any other local Pasadena bail bondsman. We understand the stress you’re under immediately following an arrest, and therefore want to help alleviate it somewhat by helping you get out of jail and get a jump start on planning your defense.

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City of Pasadena Police Department

Los Angeles County Inmate Search 213-473-6080

Pasadena, CA Jail

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Phone: 310-317-1366

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You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a bail bonds company in Pasadena. Choose the right one, and you’ll be out of jail and home in time for cornflakes. Choosing the wrong one might leave you stranded in jail unnecessarily.

Consider these things when either you or your representative is looking for a bail bondsman in Pasadena:

  • Availability: Your bail bondsman needs to be available when you need him/her. If a bail bonds company doesn’t have the resources to arrange your bail on the day of your arraignment, look elsewhere.
  • Clientele: Bail bonds companies have the right the refuse service. Make sure the company that handles your type of case or services clients in your particular demographic before wasting time investigating them any further.
  • Financing: Most look for a Pasadena bail bonds company because they can’t come up with their bail on their own; you don’t want to be in the same position of not being able to afford the bondsman’s fee. If you can’t come up with the full amount right away, ask if the company offers payment plans.

We at Fresh Start Bail Bonds can meet each of those expectations. If you have any concerns about what we do, please let us know.

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