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Bail Bonds Company in Palmdale, CAPeople are arrested every day in Palmdale, CA; that doesn’t always mean that they’re convicted. An arrest doesn’t have to end with you being run over by the criminal justice system. You’ll have every chance to argue your arrest before the court. The success of that argument, however, will depend largely on the amount of time you’re able to dedicate to formulating your defense.

We at Fresh Start Bail Bonds company in Palmdale understand this, and therefore want to be able to help you get out of jail and back to the security of your own home as soon as possible. As the fastest bail bonds company in Palmdale, CA, we can have your bail paid and processed before you even have a chance to get comfortable with your jailhouse accommodations. It’s our job as a Palmdale bail bonds company to make sure your only worry about getting out after your arrest and arraignment is who will pick you up from the courthouse.

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Los Angeles County Inmate Search 213-473-6080

Los Angeles Public Defender

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No one ever anticipates getting arrested. Yet in the event it does happen, having a plan in place regarding what to do will go a long way towards increasing your chances at a favorable outcome.

  • Be cooperative: The first reaction of many when facing an arrest is to get defensive. That defensiveness can easily result in a resisting arrest charge, further compounding any difficulties you may be facing. That’s not to say you can’t question an arresting officer, but avoid actions that could be considered rude and belligerent.
  • Know your rights: Police may ask to search your property without a search warrant. They may also, try to ask you questions without legal representation present. Know what you do and don’t have to consent to.
  • Contact us: Getting a jump start of your defense is critical. We can have your Palmdale bail bondsman before the court paying your bail moments after it’s determined at your arraignment. Not every bail bonds company in Palmdale can make such a claim.

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