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Bail Bond Company in La Habra, CASitting in a jail cell after an arrest is probably not your idea of fun, but there may be more serious consequences than boredom if you can’t locate a La Habra bail bondsman who can help you out quickly and efficiently.  Here at Fresh Start Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on offering our customers from La Habra fast, efficient service while getting you out of prison as quickly as possible.

Every minute counts when you’re sitting in a cell, and we recognize how important even a half an hour can be when it comes to your relationships and your job.  We want to see your life back to normal quickly, and strive to help you with our experience and knowledge of the bail bonds process.

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La Habra Police Department

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In order to understand why you need a bail bonds company in La Habra to help you out of jail, it’s important to understand how bail works.  After you are arrested, you’ll be taken to the jail for holding and several other important steps.

  • During booking, your mug shot and fingerprints are taken and you are asked for a statement.
  • Unless you post bail, you will be held in the facility until your court date.
  • We make a financial agreement that guarantees your presence in court and secures your release from the facility.
  • A bail bondsman will ensure you understand when you are required to be in court.

Some courts may ask that your entire bail amount be posted, while others will accept a 10% bond from a La Habra bail bonds company that guarantees you will pay your bail and show up when you’ve been asked.

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La Habra Police Department