Bail Bonds in Bell Gardens, CA

Bail Bonds Company in Bell Gardens, CAMost don’t often anticipate being arrested. The good news is there are avenues in place for you to be able to get out of jail quickly when needed. A bail bonds company in Bell Gardens can provide you with the necessary funds  to cover your bail and get you back home to make for your defense.

Bail can often get pricey, and many may worry about how they’ll be able to afford such an immediate expense. Not to worry; we at Fresh Start Bail Bonds specialize in finding ways for you to be able to afford the bail bond for either yourself or a loved one in the shortest amount of time possible.

A good Bell Gardens bail bondsman should be able to offer you different options in financing your bail, and we at Fresh Start are no exception. Good credit or bad credit, little or no collateral, it doesn’t matter. We’re the one bail bonds company in Bell Gardens, CA that will do all we can to help you find the money you need to secure your freedom.

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For those needing help from a Bell Gardens bail bonds company in a hurry, there are a wide array of options available to them:

  • Surety: A surety bond involves you working with us through an arrangement from the court that carries certain stipulations, such as participation in a drug treatment program.
  • Secured bail bond: A secured bail bond usually requires you to pay the 10% fee to secure our services up front, plus an additional collateral payment if necessary. That collateral is forfeit if you fail to appear for your hearing.
  • Unsecured bail bond: Also known as a no collateral bail bond, an unsecured bond requires only your signature on a contract with us. We pay the bail to the court, you appear at your follow-up hearings. We then work with you to cover our fee.

Many prefer the no collateral bond because they don’t often have the budgets on hand to leave as collateral. While this option is typically only available to first-time offenders, you should still ask your Fresh Start bail bondsman if this is an option for you even if you have prior arrests.

Bailing Someone Out of Jail in Bell Gardens, CA