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Bail Bonds Company Baldwin ParkThe legal process simply begins with the arrest; those facing criminal charges face a long road ahead. Where that road takes them depends largely on what they did and/or how successfully they’re able to argue their case before the court. A good defense is often difficult to formulate, however, while one is still in jail.

If you find yourself in this sticky situation, trust Fresh Start Bail Bonds, the #1 bail bonds company in Baldwin Park, CA, to secure your release. A Fresh Start bail bondsman can have your case processed, your bail paid to the court, and you at home in no time at all. We operate in a professional, judgment-free environment that’s conducive to you easily gaining your freedom so you can find the help you need to not only argue your case, but also to confront any of the issues that might have led to your arrest in the first place.

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Your bail often depends on the severity of the crime you were arrested for. For example, a recent story reported by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune listed the bail of an El Monte man at $50,000 after he was arrested for alleged growing over 600 marijuana plants valued at over $1.5 million inside of a Baldwin Park home.

Such a sizeable bail amount may be met with the help of a good Baldwin Park bail bonds company like us. Immediately after your arrest, act quickly to start the bail process by:

  • Contacting your attorney in preparation of your arraignment
  • Having your attorney, a family member, or a friend  contact us at Fresh Start Bail Bonds
  • After your bail has been set, have documentation regarding your financial and property assets readily available for us should you be required to have collateral for your bond

By yours and our quick action, we can have you out of jail following your arrest faster than any other bail bonds company in Baldwin Park.

Bailing Someone Out of Jail in Baldwin Park, CA