Bail Bonds Process in Southern California

Bail Bonds Process At Fresh Start Bail Bonds, we understand that each case is unique.  That is why we customize the bail bonds process to meet your specific needs.  Our flexibility, attention to detail and exquisite customer service has made us the best bail bonds company in Southern California.

Start by Calling Fresh Start

With an initial call to our professional offices, our experienced team will get started by obtaining some basic information:

  • Where you are being held in custody
  • The amount of bail you need
  • Your specific charges
  • Your court date
  • Whether or not you’re being transferred
  • Whether or not you’ve been fully booked

If you are obtaining a bail bond for a friend or family member, be sure to have this information ready.

Completing the Paperwork

Once you are fully aware of your options and obligations as an Indemnitor, you will be asked to sign a Bail Bond Agreement, as well as other documents outlining the specific constraints of the bail bond.   After all of your paperwork is in order and payment is arranged, the bail bondsman will post bail at the jail.  This can take anywhere from an hour to several days depending on the specific case.

How Does a Bail Bond Work?

When an individual is arrested on a criminal charge, they are given the option to stay in jail until a trial is held or to make bail, which allows them to be released until their trial date.  If the defendant chooses to obtain a bail bond to place bail, they will need to understand how the bail bonds process works.  Keep in mind:

  • By supplying you with a bond, Fresh Start is promising the court that the defendant will appear at their scheduled trial.
  • If the client does not appear at their trial, the bail bond is forfeited and must be paid to the court by Fresh Start.

Our Other Services

  • Bail Bonds Costs:  For those who qualify, we offer easy financing options when it comes to paying for your bail bond.  Not only do we accept all major credit cards, but we will work with you on payment plans as well.  Just ask us for all of your available options.
  • No Collateral Bail Bonds: No collateral?  No problem.  Many of our bonds don’t require collateral.
  • California Courts/California Jails:  We have strong business connections with the courts and jails of Southern California.

Call Today

Fresh Start Bail Bonds will help you regain your freedom.  Call us today to find out more information on how we can help your situation by simplifying the bail bonds process. Contact us today at 888-588-5001.